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Over the years we have tested an evaluated several Shower Enclosures and Privacy Shelters and have chosen the best of the bunch.  All of the Privacy Tents we cary are top quality.  We offer four different brands to cover the range of features you may require.

       PahaQue Tepee

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The Tepee from PahaQue Wilderness can be used as a shower stall, changing room or portable outhouse. Inside the roomy Tepee is enough space to comfortably stand and move about when changing clothes or showering. The Tepee is made of top quality materials and will stand up to all types of weather conditions.  With it's large size, quality construction and affordable price, the Tepee Privacy Shelter will provide privacy and convenience for years to come.
Paha Que Tepee Privacy Shelter Features

Zippers at shoulder height allow towels and clothing hung on exterior poles to be easily accesed from inside.
Tepee Shower Tent Towell Access
Mesh pouch attached along the back wall for shampoo, soap, shaving cream and other toiletries.
Tepee Shower Enclosure Mesh Storage Pouch

Toilet paper, wrist watch etc is kept dry in a clear waterproof vinyl pouch along the side wall.

Paha Que Privacy Tent Waterproof Storage Bag
Evergreen Outdoors Outback Camping Products
         Outback Porta Privy

The PORTA PRIVY is the fastest way to provide privacy. It sets up or is put away in just a few seconds using steel Memory Loops instead of clumsy poles. Works great as a bathroom shelter or shower tent.  Not just for camping, the Porta Privy is also a great instant up changing room by the pool or at the beach when skin and scuba diving, surfing, kayaking or sailboarding.

To set up the Porta Privy, you just toss it in the air, unfold it, stake the corners and install the support lines if needed.

To fold it up just grab the sides about 12" up from the bottom (too high up and it won't work).  Place the bottom against your abdomen.  Quickly raise your hands up slightly to get the top to bow down.  Then touch your thumbs together.  That's it!  Takes a little practice, but once you get it, it's easy as pie.

Out of stock on Manufacturer's Backorder
Outback Porta Privy Privacy Tent

Handy zippered Storage Bag with carry strap holds Porta Privy when not in use.
Porta Privy Storage Bag
Large screened ventilation windows and top opening moonroof.
Porta Privy Sunroof
Sandbag pockets to hold tent when on a hard surface and stakes can't be used.  Shoulder height zipper allows easy access to exterior clothes line.
Shower Tent Hard Surface Mount
Two waterproof gear bags to hold toiletries and personal items.
Porta Privy Shower Tent Waterproof Gear Bag
Two tie straps to secure shower wand.                                                               
Porta Privy Shower Wand Holder

              PUP Privacy Shelter
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With an integral pole and connector system, the PUP privacy shelter requires no assembly and sets up in seconds.   Simply pull up on the lanyard at the top of the tent, lock the legs in place and install corner stakes.  The Pup stands 6' 6" and measures 4' x 4' at the base.  The PUP privacy shelter has three screened privacy windows with covers for cross ventilation, a 63" high zip close door and a utility storage pocket.  Designed with ground flaps on which sand or rocks may be placed for hard surface setup or when stakes and tie downs are not practical.  The Pett Toilet is sold separately on our Camp Bathrooms and Toilets page.



Phillips Environmental PUP Privacy Shelter

The Tepee is the sturdiest  of the bunch.  If you're setting up for a long stay or are in conditions with heavy wind, The Tepee is the tent for you. It is also the only tent that will hold an overhead solar shower bag.

If you are staying in a different camp every night or just need a quick way to provide privacy the Porta Privy can't be beat. It goes up and down in literally seconds.  It also has the added feature of sandbag pockets that allows it to be set up where stakes can't be pounded into the ground.

The PUP makes a great bathroom or changing room and complements the wide array off outdoor restroom products offered by Phillips Environmental.  It goes up quickly and is built well.  When used as a shower, the ventilation windows are a little low for privacy but are great for looking out into the wild while sitting on the Pett toilet.
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