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CleanWaste Outdoor Toilet and Privacy Tent

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As more people are venturing into the back country and spending time in the wilderness it is becoming increasingly necessary to minimize the impact on the environment.  Here you will find truly easy and convenient ways to lessen your footprint on the environment while adding the convenience and luxury of a bathroom to your camping or outdoor adventures.
Phillips Environmental Cleanwaste Portable Toilet Products
Phillips Environmental
      CleanWaste Products

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It's a Toilet. It's a Dressing Room. It's a Shower Tent.  But best of all it's self contained and completely transportable.  Whether you camp, hunt, fish or just enjoy the outdoors, the PETT Compact Dry Toilet System provides the optimum in privacy and convenience.

Packaged as a complete unit, the PETT System gives you immediate access to a clean and sanitary bathroom, wherever you decide to set up camp. The PETT complete system includes the PUP privacy shelter (see on our 
Privacy Tent / Shower Enclosure page), the PETT toilet and 15 WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits.  All items fit in the TOTE backpack which has an expandable pocket and contains an additional collection bag to transport used waste bags.

Pett Toilet System

TOTE Backpack Phillips Environmental
The TOTE Backpack conveniently stores the PETT Toilet System and all accessories.  Made of sturdy black fabric with heavy duty zippers and padded adjustable straps for easy transport.
The TOTE backpack meets current airport carry-on size with dimensions of 25" x 15" x 6".  There are separate storage areas for the PETT Toilet and the unused Wag Bags.  Straps secure the PUP privacy shelter in the gusseted outer pocket, and an expandable compartment holds used kits.
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Simply unfold and lock the legs in place,  install a Wag Bag and the Pett is ready for use.  Made of durable injection molded plastic, the PETT toilet is the same height and bowl size of a standard toilet, yet folds to a mere 5" x 19" x 14".  Weight limit tested by supporting the front end of a truck on 2 PETT toilets.  The drip edge under the seat keeps the top of the waste collection bag clean for easy disposal.  Each PETT toilet comes with a removable mesh net holder that supports the waste collection bag, a removable lid for stability on soft terrain when in use and to protect the seat when not in use.  Included free, are 3 WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits. 
 Pett Dry Toilet by Phillips Environmental

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The WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kit is a biodegradable double bag system made from puncture resistant materials.  Each kit includes a zip close disposal transport bag, a waste collection bag preloaded with Poo Powder waste treatment, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer.   
The Poo Powder waste treatment controls odors and contains a decay catalyst that breaks down solid waste.  It turns liquid waste to solid for hygienic and spill proof  transport.  Wag Bags are landfill approved for disposal with normal trash.
Designed to be used with The PETT toilet, Wag Bags will work in any dry marine, R.V. or household toilet (emptied of water), hollowed out log, bucket or by simply laying it on the ground.  Everything stays in the bag.  Completely hygienic.
Wag Bag Toilet in a Bag

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Plastic screw-top canister containing  the same non-toxic powder used in each WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kit.  Ideal for extending the use of  WAG BAGS.
The canister of Poo Powder waste treatment comes with a scoop.  Each scoop treats up to 21 ounces of liquid and solid waste. It turns liquid to solid, controls odors and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid wastes.  After use, simply sprinkle a full scoop of Poo Powder over the solid waste. 
Each canister contains 120 scoops of Poo Powder waste treatment and weighs 4.2 lbs.
POOH Powder Waste Treatment Phillips Environmentsl

GTS Rugged Backcountry Toilets
"leave no trace - but your footprints"
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Made for Mountaineering and Rock Climbing the Clean Mountain Can from Geo Toilet Systems has been to the top of Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro and McKinley.  The CMC is required by Denali National Park when climbing Mt. McKinley and is being used, along with Restop Bags by the Eco Everest Expedition for the second year in a row.

The CMC is the smallest, lightest and strongest personal toilet available.  It holds almost 2 gallons of human waste and has a DOT approved two way vent in the screw down lid to adjust for pressure changes at varying elevations.   It comes with a harness system to strap to a pack, rope or sled.  The durable CMC is sturdy enough to be sat on and in 5 testing trials, a CMC filled 3/4 full with solid ice was dropped 4 feet onto concrete at  a temperature of 0 Fahrenheit without damage. The CMC is designed to have its contents dumped directly out or be lined with a biodegradable bag such as Wag Bags.
ECO-Safe Clean Mountain Can  Mountaineering Toilet
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