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 Pett Dry Toilet by Phillips Environmental
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Pett Dry Toilet
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Simply unfold and lock the legs in place,  install a Wag Bag and the Pett is ready for use.  Made of durable injection molded plastic, the PETT toilet is the same height and bowl size of a standard toilet, yet folds to a mere 5" x 19" x 14".  Weight limit tested by supporting the front end of a truck on 2 PETT toilets.  The drip edge under the seat keeps the top of the waste collection bag clean for easy disposal.  Each PETT toilet comes with a removable mesh net holder that supports the waste collection bag, a removable lid for stability on soft terrain when in use and to protect the seat when not in use.  Included free, are 3 WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits. 
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Folds into the size of a briefcase
  • Fast setup and no assembly required
  • Made of tough injection molded plastic
  • Great for emergencies and power outages
  • Spill proof dry chemical system uses no water
  • Includes 3 biodegradable Wag Bag waste kits
  • Dispose of landfill approved Wag Bags in normal trash
  • Durable double construction Wag Bags zip closed for no mess
  • Wag Bags are resealable and good for multiple uses
  • Odor free dry chemical system neutralizes and gels waste
  • Removable mesh net holder supports the waste collection bag
  • Sturdy 3 leg design hold plenty of weight & works on uneven ground
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