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Zodi X40 Outfitter High Output Portable Shower and Water Heater Features
X-40 Outfitter High Output
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Designed for outfitters, base camps, cabins and horse trailers the rugged Zodi Hot Tap X40 is a high output, Instant water heater and portable shower system. Packed with 40,000 BTU of power and a 12 volt water pump, the X-40 delivers endless hot water for showers, cleaning up and game prep anywhere The 16 ft long hose allows use though out camp, from the kitchen area for the dishes to the shower area without moving the heater. Legs retract for compact storage in tough storage gear bag. The powerful X-40 is the toughest portable water heater available anywhere. So tough it is even in use in Antarctica. (Propane tank not included)
MSRP $499.95  Our Price $449.95
Temporarily out of stock on Manufacturer's Back Order 
Hot Tap X40 Features
  • 40,000 BTU burner for unlimited instant hot water
  • 12 volt high flow pump with cigarette lighter plug
  • Delivers unlimited hot water for showers, dishes, clean up and more 
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous hot water between propane refills
  • 16 foot shower hose for convenience and reach 
  • Push Button Electric ignition for instant on (requires AA battery) 
  • Fast setup and no assembly required
  • Rugged gas valve to adjust water temperature in seconds 
  • Optional Garden Hose Adapter
  • Water saving showerhead conserves water 
  • Gas regulator connects to all 5 gallon or larger propane cylinders 
  • Steel handles on each side for easy transport around camp 
  • Retractable legs for compact storage & convenient transport 
  • Durable padded gear bag with carry strap stores and protects heater 
  • Mil-Spec rated components for extra durability 
  • Tough steel construction will not crack or fail in cold weather
  • Weight 35 lbs,  Box size 20" x 14" x 14"
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